How cities can tackle air quality challenges

By Smart Cities Council Europe
Industry news

In Poland, 33 of its cities rank among the 50 most polluted in Europe. The town of Rybnik in southwestern Poland, for example, ranks fourth on WHO’s list of most polluted cities in Europe, with air pollution being an issue for one-third of the year causing schools to close and more hospital visits linked to respiratory issues. The town is turning to educational campaigns to raise awareness among citizens, as well as investing in heating infrastructure, but this may not be enough to create real change in terms of improving air quality. As cities like this one strive to improve quality of life for citizens, transformative technology is key in offering smart solutions in the sectors that need it most, such as air quality affected by urban pollutants. Thanks to a new pollution sensor unveiled last month, cities may be able to measure and improve air quality in a quicker and more efficient fashion. To look into this smart solution and how it can have major benefits for Rybnik, as well as other cities across Europe read more...