Intelligent Mobility For Energy Transition (IMET)

Our Ambition

Main Goal: Going beyond zero emissions 


Vertical integration of urban infrastructures is extremely helpful to increase their efficiency. Facing challenges holistically allows taking the most from the invested resources. While urban mobility faces challenges such as: the dependency on fossil fuels, a growing car park and unsustainable pollution and noise, the urban energy system need to deal with a growing energy consumption and the difficulty of integrating renewable energy sources. There is a way to improve mobility while solving many of the problems of the energy system. For that, it is necessary to create a mechanism for the development of sustainable energy models through e-mobility solutions as an innovative product for the development of smart cities.  Technology is ready but needs to be demonstrated in real environments. Public and private investments need to be triggered and for that, it is essential to build trust relationships. The biggest players in the market need to collaborate with the smallest ones, thus fostering resources and knowledge exchange to jointly achieve the full potential of the solutions to be developed.

The intelligent Mobility vision of the initiatives is a framework to move towards a new e-mobility ecosystem: sustainable, environmentally friendly and concerned about citizen's health. 

In line with it, the initiative intends to work holistically around three innovation areas:

  • Intelligent Power - towards zero emissions, spearheaded by electric vehicles; 
  • Intelligent Integration - Towards vertical integration of urban infrastructure through the development of new mobility and energy services; 
  • Intelligent Driving - towards zero fatalities and connected cars, spearheaded by autonomous drive technology. 

Latest News

Latest EIP-SCC News

Status and Forward Plans

Action Headline Description Timeframe
Launch of Initiative EIP-SCC workshop at the 2017 Civitas forum conference September 2017
Breakfast session - General Assembly  October 2018
Barcelona Smart City Expo November 2017
Engaging Relevant Stakeholder Building core team December 2017 
Grow membership Continuous
Defining the concept: Intelligent mobility pilots Analysis and disseminate best practices; webinar, presentation, article Continuous
Launching Memorandum of Understandings with cities. 
(standard MOU adapted to each city on the deployment of large scale pilots, to be signed by the city and the members of the initiative)
Defining standard MOU to be adapted April 2018 
Launch of the first MOU at a special event  
Reach 10 Mous signed 2019 (TBD)
Deployment of pilots

Kick off first pilots

October 2018 (TBD)
Kick off pilot #10  2019 (TBD)
Dissemination Continuous

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A revolution in urban mobility? It's on.

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