From Planning to Implementation to Scaling up of Smart Cities

Our Ambition

Main Goal: Disseminate guidance to facilitate the uptake of common smart city solutions 


Moving from smart city ‘pilots’ to mainstream fully-justified business-as-usual smart city programmes is a current necessity. Cities experience similar challenges and obstacles when implementing plans. Thus, the initiative aims at providing structure that helps to assess common challenges and offers practical guidance material to substantially build confidence and accelerate the uptake of more common smart city solutions. 

A concrete deliverable of the initiative is the Smart City Guidance Package (SCGP) together with complementary tools to be developed, such as conceptual as well as technical solutions. This will support the implementation and design of smart city strategies and plans by making best use of capacity and by sharing knowledge and experience. The initiative is built out of ~15 EIP commitments from cities, industry, finance, research sectors and city networks. Smart City projects and initiatives such as CELSIUS, STEP-UP, TRANSFORM, SCIS, CityKey, Lighthouse Projects, Follower Cities are also involved.

Latest News

  • Categorisation of common pathways and obstacles (from the legislative end, pitfalls, solutions, funding possibilities, definition of common steps, and the like) in Smart Cities. 
  • Identification of relevant references
  • Intermediate version of the SCGP

Three principal activities are planned: 

  1. Finalisation of the SCGP (foreseen by spring 2018) 
  2. Dissemination of solutions and best practices among cities 
  3. Replication of success stories 

We are shaping our dissemination plan and will inform you soon on our Webinar schedule!

Our ongoing initiatives

We are  working on the SCGP (final version). We are looking for smart cities and follower cities that wish to contribute to our work by sharing their experience.

By spring 2018, the final version of the SCGP will be published 

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