Sustainable Urban Mobility

Electric Vehicles for Smart Cities and Communities (EV4SCC)

Main Goal: Become the biggest platform of Electric Mobility in the World

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New Mobility Services (NMS)

Main Goal: Build a common ground for New Mobility Services, supporting service replication and cooperation between cities and private sector.

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Intelligent Mobility For Energy Transition (IMET)

Main Goal: Going beyond zero emissions 

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Urban Air Mobility (UAM)

Main Goal: Putting urban mobility into the third dimension - the airspace (Flying vehicles) 

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Alternative Fuels Special Vehicles (AFSV)

Main Goal: Defining a Guideline for the effective Implementation of a Sustainable Alternative Fuel Strategy for Special Vehicles to meet the needs of the developing Smart Cities.

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Deployment of Sustainable Urban Mobility solutions

Main Goal: Speeding up the deployment of urban mobility solutions

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