Alternative Fuels Special Vehicles (AFSV)

Our Ambition

Main Goal: Defining a Guideline for the effective Implementation of a Sustainable Alternative Fuel Strategy for Special Vehicles to meet the needs of the developing Smart Cities.


In an environment where zero emission is being sought as a target for our cities there are many alternative fuel sources available to power our special vehicles that are a fundamental part of our city operations. The applications are diverse with varying parameters of operation. This leads to complex decision making regarding the long-term investments of the machines and supporting infrastructures to ensure there is a safe, reliable, sustainable, costs effective solution adopted. 

The aim of the initiative is to create a guideline that draws on the very latest and most appropriate technologies to recommend to cities to help steer a clear path in order to achieve the zero emission target. The principle will be to establish the guideline then set up pilots, taking account of available funding, to create a basis upon which other cities may follow. Ultimately this should be the guideline for defining the optimum long term purchasing plans that will lead to zero emission being realised in a consistent and organised manner utilising the very best technologies matching technical availability with demand. 

Latest news 

The AFSV initiative will be presented at the WEBINAR about the Sustainable Urban Mobility Action Cluster, which will take place on 21st Sept. from 16:30-18:00. 
Moreover, the initiative will participate at the SUM AC meeting held on 11th October 2017 and at the Marketplace Breakfast discussion that will take place in advance of the EIP-SCC General Assembly scheduled for 12th October 2017. 

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Status and Forward Plans

The initiative has been recently started, an Action Plan will be available soon. 

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