Urban Air Mobility (UAM)

Our Ambition

Main Goal: Putting urban mobility into the third dimension - the air


Urban mobility today is at its crossroads. In the EU, traffic congestion currently costs almost €100 billion a year. The reason behind this working group is to contribute to the enablement of urban mobility into the third dimension – the air.

As such, this working group will offer a forum for diverse stakeholders already involved, or to be involved, in urban, and urban air, mobility at intra-city and inter-city level. The expectation from this multi-stakeholder approach is the bringing together of the relevant communities to jointly work together on accelerating UAM market uptake, increasing public acceptance, and sharing innovative ideas. From this perspective, it is expected that the UAM working group will enable the development of strong interfaces between, at least, the drone and urban planning communities that will fuel the definition of a deployment strategy and roadmap for the next generation urban mobility featuring the air dimension. Another objective is to match European cities with stakeholders interested in launching practical demonstration studies in European cities.

Latest news

The UAM initiative will be presented at the WEBINAR about the Sustainable Urban Mobility Action Cluster, which will take place on 21st Sept. from 16:30-18:00. 
Moreover, the initiative will participate at the SUM AC meeting held on 11th October 2017 and at the Marketplace Breakfast discussion that will take place in advance of the EIP-SCC General Assembly schedule on 12th October 2017

Status and Forward Plans

This initiative has been recently started, an Action Plan will be available soon.

To know more...

Contact us at: sustainablemobility@eu-smartcities.eu