New Mobility Services (NMS)

Our Ambition

Main Goal: Build a common ground for New Mobility Services, supporting service replication and cooperation between cities and private sector.


The Initiative intends to help to better integrate and manage urban transport, contribute to the development of collective systems for seamless multi-modal mobility (door-to-door) and creates an open and collaborative marketplace for new mobility services in Europe. 

The interest stands in solutions that benefit cities and their citizens as well as the many innovative enterprises whilst offering a pathway to growth, improved mobility and transport. It wants to foster the availability of publicly available urban mobility datasets, making the link with connecting and integrating vehicles in urban mobility management systems; the ultimate goal to support the efforts to have Europe taking the lead on developing and deploying innovative urban mobility services of this kind. 

Latest News

The NMS initiative will be presented at the WEBINAR about the Sustainable Urban Mobility Action Cluster, which will take place on 21st Sept. from 16:30-18:00.  
Moreover, the initiative will participate at the SUM AC meeting held on 11th October 2017 and at the Marketplace Breakfast discussion that will take place in advance of the EIP-SCC General Assembly scheduled for 12th October 2017. 

Latest EIP-SCC News

Status and Forward Plans

The initiative has been recently started. An Action Plan will be available soon.

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