An Initiative is a thematic collection of projects.

Business Models, Finance and Procurement

Business Models, Finance & Procurement

The action cluster Business Models, Finance & Procurement is working on only one initiative which goes by the same title.

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Citizen Focus


Main Goal: Develop Tools and Platforms to make citizens central in the delivery of smart projects 

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Citizen Centric Approach to Data

Main Goal: Disseminate data protection guidelines 

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Integrated Infrastructures and Processes

Humble Lamppost

Main Goal: 10 Million Smart Lampposts across EU Cities 

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Urban data platform

Urban Data Platform

Main Goal: To speed the adoption, at scale, of common open urban data platforms, and ensure that 300 million European citizens are served by cities with competent urban data platfo

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Small Giants

Main Goal: identify and support 50 EU ‘Small Giant’ cities to deliver tangible smart city solutions tailored to their collective needs

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Integrated Planning, Policy and Regulations

Tools for Decision Making, Management and Benchmarking

Main Goal: Support the establishment of a measurement framework for policy-makers and city authorities to monitor and report on smart cities’ projects.

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From Planning to Implementation to Scaling up of Smart Cities

Main Goal: Disseminate guidance to facilitate the uptake of common smart city solutions 

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6-Nations Smart Cities Forum

Main Goal: Establishing a competitive national market context.

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