CAT-MED - Platform for Sustainable Urban Models


The main aim of CAT-MED is the development of sustainable urban models which are based on the classical Mediterranean city; compact, complex and where the proximity of public services is determined by people's ability to access them on foot. The project is developing a system of common indicators and has carried out a pilot experience which involved the planning and design of the Green Apple. The project represents a symbol of territorial, social and technological cohesion, promoting participation and public debate through the launch of a platform for Mediterranean cities.

Programme: MED 2007-2013 Programme

Participants: Athens, Barcelona, Communauté du Pays d’Aix (CPA), Genoa, Instituto del Mediterráneo, Marseilles, Rome, Seville, Thessaloniki,  Turin, and Valencia.

Coordinator: Málaga

Countries: Greece, Spain, France, Italy.